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J&K Chemical Ltd. (Shanghai, China)

Jul 18,2013 11:56  |  Distribution

J & K Technology Co., Ltd. is a commitment to research and development and production of ultra fine chemicals, set of agile manufacturing, global marketing and logistics as one of the modern high-tech enterprises. J & K in the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Europe and North America and other countries and regions in the world, has a logistics center, the implementation of specialized, one-stop personalized services for more than 120,000 customers in the fields of industrial technology and provide a large-scale technical support services and product resources.

J & K has a modern manufacturing base full of creative talent and professional team, new technology and new products in this emerging, independent brand J & KCHEMICA ®, Amethyst ® products has reached more than 15,000, and exponentially rapid growth. As an international resource platform based company, J & K is committed to promoting cooperation in the global industrial chain, and constantly promote intensive development, integration of resources 500,000 kinds of products covered purity organic reagents, inorganic reagents, biochemical reagents, analytical reagents, reference standards, metal organic catalysts, pharmaceutical intermediates, ultra-fine materials, as well as laboratory equipment, supplies, and so on. J & K's flexible production line capable of providing very high speed small quantity and variety of raw materials, in order to meet the experimental, pilot-scale production needs as well.

J & K people adhering to the "honest and trustworthy, self-motivated, innovative and achieve excellence" values, and maintaining professional, focused style, dedicated to chemical and biological pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, food industry, modern agriculture, electronics, chemical, petrochemical, textile , life sciences, environmental protection and disease control, new energy, new materials, aerospace and other fields to provide services for the realization of "promoting scientific and technological and industrial development for the benefit of mankind," the mission and make unremitting efforts!

10th Floor, East Hope Building

No.1777 Century Avenue

Pudong District

Shanghai, China, 200122 

Tel: +86 21 6163 8833 
   Fax: +86 21 6163 8800 

Email: jksh@jkchemical.com  jksh@jk-scientific.com