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Cocktails for neural and neuronal cell induction and culture.

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  1. pNSC-CSB

    Catalog No. S10003
    Combination of CHIR99021 (GSK3 inhibitor) and SB431542 (TGFβ inhibitor) with human LIF can efficiently induce and long-term homogenously expand primitive neural stem cells from human ESC and iPSC.
  2. Neuronal-LSB3i

    Catalog No. S10002
    Combination of LSB and three other inhibitors/3i (i.e., CHIR99021/GSK3 inhibitor, SU5402/FGF-VEGF-PDGF inhibitor, DAPT/Notch inhibitor) can induce very rapid and efficient neuronal differentiation of human ESC and iPSC into nociceptors.
  3. Neural-LSB

    Catalog No. S10001
    Combination of LDN193189 (BMP inhibitor) and SB431542 (TGFβ inhibitor) can rapidly and efficiently induce neural differentiation of human ESC and iPSC in 5 days.
  4. iN-LSC

    Catalog No. S10004
    Combination of LDN193189 (BMP inhibitor), SB431542 (TGFβ inhibitor), and CHIR99021 (GSK3 inhibitor) can enhance reprogramming of human fibroblasts into induced neurons.
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