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For our customers’ convenience and avoidance of unnecessary mixing errors, XcessBio provides validated and widely used small molecule cocktails that are pre-formulated at 1000x stock concentration dissolved in pure and biological-grade DMSO. We QC every batch of cocktails to ensure their accuracy by stringent analytical methods and test them in cell culture to ensure there is no undesired activity. Our partner labs have also functionally tested these cocktail supplements to ensure their activity before we offer them for the first time to the research community.
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  1. iN-LSC

    Catalog No. S10004
    Combination of LDN193189 (BMP inhibitor), SB431542 (TGFβ inhibitor), and CHIR99021 (GSK3 inhibitor) can enhance reprogramming of human fibroblasts into induced neurons.
  2. iPSC-TSPC

    Catalog No. S10005
    Combination of Thiazovivin (ROCK inhibitor), SB431542 (TGFβ inhibitor), PD0325901 (MEK inhibitor), and CHIR99021 (GSK3 inhibitor) can enhance and accelerate reprogramming of human somatic cells (e.g., fibroblasts) into iPSCs.
  3. Neural-LSB

    Catalog No. S10001
    Combination of LDN193189 (BMP inhibitor) and SB431542 (TGFβ inhibitor) can rapidly and efficiently induce neural differentiation of human ESC and iPSC in 5 days.
  4. Neuronal-LSB3i

    Catalog No. S10002
    Combination of LSB and three other inhibitors/3i (i.e., CHIR99021/GSK3 inhibitor, SU5402/FGF-VEGF-PDGF inhibitor, DAPT/Notch inhibitor) can induce very rapid and efficient neuronal differentiation of human ESC and iPSC into nociceptors.
  5. pNSC-CSB

    Catalog No. S10003
    Combination of CHIR99021 (GSK3 inhibitor) and SB431542 (TGFβ inhibitor) with human LIF can efficiently induce and long-term homogenously expand primitive neural stem cells from human ESC and iPSC.
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