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Small Molecule Custom Synthesis

Jul 30,2014 01:49  |  Promotions

Xcess Biosciences Synthesis Service

The synthesis lab at Xcess Biosciences (XcessBio) has a team of 30+ highly experienced synthetic chemists dedicated to deliver superior chemical synthesis at a more economical price to our customers, especially from academia and biotech companies with special needs and budget. We currently operate in a 12,000 sq. ft. facility with 40 chemical fume hoods and state-of-the-art instruments such as LC/MS, prep-HPLC, NMR and large-scale reactors. Our chemistry team leaders have over 40 years of combined experience in medicinal chemistry and process chemistry at top US pharmaceutical companies, and each of our associates has minimum 3-year industrial working experience. We will quickly respond to your custom synthesis inquiries with guaranteed quality, competitive pricing, and fast turn-around time. Our existing and returning customers are mostly from US leading pharmaceutical companies and top research institutes

Services we offer:

  • √  High quality custom synthesis of chemical compounds (that are not commercially available or simply needed in better quality and lower cost) in milligram to kilogram quantity.
  • √  Lead optimization of screening hits by our experienced medicinal chemists to deliver compounds with improved activity and drug quality.
  • √  Competitive pricing and turn-around time to any other CROs.
  • √  Proven track record of independently executing the design and synthesis of complex chemical compounds without needing detailed procedures provided from customers.
  • √  Respond to inquiries within 24 hours; weekly progress report, and teleconference with the team leader by request.
  • √  FTE based contract (2-12 months) for meeting special needs from customers.
  • √  All communicated information is held in strict confidence.

How to get the service from us:

  • Synthesis of reference compounds, intermediates and building blocks.
  1. 1.  Email us (info@xcessbio.com) the compound’s name/reference, and/or confirmed chemical structure, as well as desired quantity, purity, and salt form (default is free base). If you would like to provide the established synthesis procedure, it’d be helpful and may affect the quote pricing.
  2. 2.  We will evaluate your inquiry and reply to you with the quote and lead time usually within 24 hours.
  3. 3.  With a confirmed mutual agreement, we will generate the PO number for your requested chemicals so that you can submit your order.
  4. 4.  We will provide weekly report or final report by request during the synthesis.
  5. 5.  We will deliver the requested products on time and provide all characterization data.
  6. 6.  If the synthesis cost exceeds $5,000, we’d bill 40% upfront as material and initiation cost.
  • Medicinal chemistry to modify the lead compound (project-based or FTE-based)
  1. 1.  Email us (info@xcessbio.com) your Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) or use our standard CDA to protect your IP rights.
  2. 2.  After execution of CDA, email us the lead compound’s structure and specific plan for the lead optimization. If there are established synthesis procedures, it’d be helpful and may affect the quote pricing.
  3. 3.  If you need any inputs from our experienced medicinal chemistry leader, or you would like XcessBio to carry out the lead optimization independently, we will have a conference call first to understand the details.
  4. 4.  With a confirmed mutual agreement, we will generate the PO number for your requested lead optimization so that you can submit your order
  5. 5.  We will provide weekly report and/or final report by request during the synthesis.
  6. 6.  Weekly 30-minute teleconference will be scheduled by request to update the progress.
  7. 7.  We will deliver compounds in bimonthly basis or by your request and provide all characterization data.
  8. 8.  If the total project/FTE cost exceeds $5,000, we’d bill 40% upfront as material and initiation cost or monthly whichever is appropriate and agreeable.

When will you choose XcessBio for your synthesis need?

Case 1:  Dr. Taylor read about a novel chemical probe just published in Nature and wanted to test it in his assays. However, he found that it was not commercially available yet and it would take too long to request it from the author.He then contacted XcessBio to synthesize 200 mg of the compound, which is sufficient for both in vitroand future in vivo studies. It was a 5-step synthesis by following the published procedures. Dr. Taylor was happy to receive the compound with 97% purity in 15 days for $2500.

Case 2:  Dr. Wilson wanted to obtain a commercially available tool compound at 1 gram scale for animal studies. He contacted 3 vendors who sell this compound, but unfortunately the prices they quoted were much higher than his budget. He then turned the request to XcessBio’s custom synthesis and got the compound in 3 weeks for $3400.

Case 3: Dr. Zhang did a chemical screening for a novel target and got 5 series of interesting hits. After hit confirmation, he wanted to further modify one lead series to improve its potency and selectivity. He could not find a reasonable local chemistry lab to do it, so he turned his request to XcessBio’s custom synthesis. XcessBio quickly executed the confidential disclosure agreement/CDA provided by Dr. Zhang and started the work. Without any synthesis procedures provided, XcessBio’s chemists developed an efficient synthesis route in 2 weeks. With the independent supervision provided by XcessBio’s medicinal chemistry leader and 2 full time associates, Dr. Zhang received 42 designed novel analogs within 3 months with IP assigned to the customer. One of the compounds became a drug candidate with improved potency, selectivity and pharmacokinetic properties. The total cost was $36,800 including design and synthesis.

Case 4: A start-up biotech company wanted to do lead optimization for a series of compounds. In order to save time, cost and avoid expanding the internal chemistry operations, they contracted the work to XcessBio. Their chemistry leader directed the XcessBio’s 3 chemists to make the analogs they designed for 4 months. They received 51 analogs and paid $63,500.

Case 5: Dr. Howard wanted to find an inhibitor to test his hypothesis, but could not find one from PubMed searching. He contacted XcessBio to see whether we could find such compound from the patent searching. Indeed after a thorough reference searching, we picked one compound from a patent and synthesized 50 mg of it for him. Luckily it worked well in his assays.  Dr. Howard paid XcessBio $3300 for this excellent work.

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