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Peptide Custom Synthesis

Sep 30,2014 16:03  |  Promotions

Peptide Custom Synthesis

Peptides are now available from Xcessbio through special Custom Synthesis.  A research team of 35 experienced chemists with average 6 years peptide synthesis experience is dedicate for your R&D needs. Our state-of-the-art core peptide synthesis facility is located in China, supporting SPPS (solid phase peptide synthesis), lyophilization, purification, and analysis. Our service can provide not only the research scale high quality peptide,  but also down the road large scale peptides development and manufacture based on customer needs.  Xcessbio guarantees peptides’ quality by starting with qualified materials, supervising produce process and finally QC including HPLC, Mass and NMR. We also guarantee the customer satisfaction with good prices and fast turn-around time.

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