Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) involves massively parallel sequencing of millions of DNA fragments, providing large amounts of data at reasonable cost. It has been widely used in genome sequencing, gene expression analysis, non-coding small molecule RNA identification, transcription factor target gene screening and DNA methylation and other related research fields.

NGS Workflow

Sample Preparation

Nucleic acid extraction is the first step in NGS workflow, and the results obtained at the end are only as good as your starting material. Choose from manual or automated purification systems to produce the highest quality, NGS-ready DNA and RNA—even from difficult samples such as FFPE or plant tissues.

Quantitation for NGS

Whether you are quantitating your nucleic acids before or during library preparation, you need accurate, consistent and sensitive methods. Find instruments and dyes that provide you with accurate and sensitive fluorescence quantitation of DNA and RNA for many sample types including FFPE samples.

Library Preparation

From preventing RNA degradation to efficiently purifying DNA fragments during library preparation, use the highest performing reagents and systems to ensure your NGS success.

Confirmatory Testing

NGS experiment doesn't end when the raw data are analyzed—you also need to verify sequence variations or expression changes with confidence. Choose from reagents designed to be sensitive enough to identify your rare variants and robust enough to work with samples that may contain enzyme inhibitors.


Are you extracting nucleic acid for input into NGS library preparation, quantitating DNA or RNA, or confirming your NGS result? You will find all products support each of your steps to prepare you for your NGS operation here.