Medicinal chemistry to modify the lead compound (project-based or FTE-based)

  1.  Email us ( your Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) or use our standard CDA to protect your IP rights.
  2.  After execution of CDA, email us the lead compound’s structure and specific plan for the lead optimization. If there are established synthesis procedures, it’d be helpful and may affect the quote pricing.
  3. If you need any inputs from our experienced medicinal chemistry leader, or you would like Linkgen Lab to carry out the lead optimization independently, we will have a conference call first to understand the details.
  4. With a confirmed mutual agreement, we will generate the PO number for your requested lead optimization so that you can submit your order
  5. We will provide weekly report and/or final report by request during the synthesis.
  6. Weekly 30-minute teleconference will be scheduled by request to update the progress.
  7. We will deliver compounds in bimonthly basis or by your request and provide all characterization data.
  8. If the total project/FTE cost exceeds $5,000, we’d bill 50% upfront as material and initiation cost or monthly whichever is appropriate and agreeable.