XcessBio Synthesis Service

The synthesis lab at Xcessbio has a team of 30+ highly experienced synthetic chemists dedicated to deliver superior chemical synthesis at a more economical price to our customers, especially from academia and biotech companies with special needs and budget. We currently operate in a 12,000 sq. ft. facility with 40 chemical fume hoods and state-of-the-art instruments such as LC/MS, prep-HPLC, NMR and large-scale reactors. Our chemistry team leaders have over 40 years of combined experience in medicinal chemistry and process chemistry at top US pharmaceutical companies, and each of our associates has minimum 3-year industrial working experience. We will quickly respond to your custom synthesis inquiries with guaranteed quality, competitive pricing, and fast turn-around time. Our existing and returning customers are mostly from US leading pharmaceutical companies and top research institutes

Services we offer:

  • √  High quality custom synthesis of chemical compounds (that are not commercially available or simply needed in better quality and lower cost) in milligram to kilogram quantity.
  • √  Lead optimization of screening hits by our experienced medicinal chemists to deliver compounds with improved activity and drug quality.
  • √  Competitive pricing and turn-around time to any other CROs.
  • √  Proven track record of independently executing the design and synthesis of complex chemical compounds without needing detailed procedures provided from customers.
  • √  Responding to inquiries within 24 hours; weekly progress report, and teleconference with the team leader by request.
  • √  FTE based contract (2-12 months) for meeting special needs from customers.

All communicated information is held in strict confidence.