Compound Library of Bromodomain/BET

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LI30006-2D 23 compounds, 2 mg each in DMSO $1,400
LI30006-2S 23 compounds, 2 mg each Solid $1,400


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Xcessbio is delighted to present you compound libraries.  Composed by unique compounds of same category, the compounds library sets are easy for you to purchase, use for screening, and storage. Upon your request, Each library contains 2  mg of listed compounds in that category in separated vials in DMSO at the concentration of 10 mM or in solid format, unless is specified otherwise. The vials will be sat in screening boxes perfectly fit for your freezer, fridge or bench shelf. Each library comes with a compound list in Excel sheet.


Compound Library of Bromodomain/BET 

Compound list:  (+)-JQ1, BAZ2-ICR, BI-2536, Bromosporine, CPI203, GSK2801, GSK5959, I-BET151 (GSK1210151A), I-BET762 (GSK525762), I-BRD9, Ischemin, LY294002, MS436, NI-57, OF-1, OTX015, PFI-1, PFI-3, PFI-4, RVX-208, SGC-CBP30, TG101348 (SAR302503), TRIM24-C34

Products are for research use only. Not for human use. 

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