Methoxy-X04, Fluorescent Amyloid β (Aβ) Probe

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Product Information
Molecular Weight: 344.40
Formula: C23H20O3
Purity: ≥98%
CAS#: 863918-78-9
Solubility: DMSO up to 100 mM
Chemical Name: 4,4'-((1E,1'E)-(2-methoxy-1,4-phenylene)bis(ethene-2,1-diyl))diphenol
Storage: Powder: 4oC 1 year. DMSO: 4oC 3 month; -20oC 1 year.


Biological Activity:

Methoxy-X04 is a fluorescent amyloid β (Aβ) probe for the detection and quantification of plaques, tangles and cerebrovascular amyloid with good specificity. It is a derivative of Congo red and Chrysamine-G that contains no acid groups and is therefore smaller and much more lipophilic than Congo red or Chrysamine-G. Methoxy-X04 retains in vitro binding affinity for amyloid beta (Abeta) fibrils (Ki = 26.8 nM) very similar to that of Chrysamine-G. Using multiphoton microscopy to obtain high-resolution (1 microm) fluorescent images from the brains of living PSI/APP mice, individual plaques could be distinguished within 30 to 60 min after a single IV injection or a single IP injection of Methoxy-X04.


How to Use: 


  • In vitro:  Methoxy-X04 was used at 50 µM final concentration in various in vitro assays. 
  • In vivo: Methoxy-X04 was administered to mice by a single IV injection of 5 to 10 mg/kg or by a single IP injection of 10 mg/kg to produce high contrast images of plaques and cerebrovascular amyloid in PSI/APP mouse brain.





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  • 5. Yamanaka M, et al. PPARγ/RXRα-induced and CD36-mediated microglial amyloid-β phagocytosis results in cognitive improvement in amyloid precursor protein/presenilin 1 mice. (2012) J Neurosci. 32(48):17321-31. 


Products are for research use only. Not for human use. 

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