Pantoprazole Sodium

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Pantoprazole Sodium is a gastic proton pump inhibitor. It suppresses gastric acid secretion by blocking acid (proton) pump within gastric parietal cells.

Product information

CAS Number: 138786-67-1

Molecular Weight: 405.35

Formula: C16H14F2N3NaO4S


Protonix sodium

SKF96022 sodium

BY-1023 sodium

Chemical Name: 5-(difluoromethoxy)-2-[(3,4-dimethoxypyridin-2-yl)methanesulfinyl]-1H-1,3-benzodiazole sodium

Smiles: [Na+].COC1=C(CS(=O)C2[N-]C3=CC(=CC=C3N=2)OC(F)F)N=CC=C1OC


InChi: InChI=1S/C16H14F2N3O4S.Na/c1-23-13-5-6-19-12(14(13)24-2)8-26(22)16-20-10-4-3-9(25-15(17)18)7-11(10)21-16;/h3-7,15H,8H2,1-2H3;/q-1;+1

Technical Data

Appearance: Solid Power

Purity: ≥98% (or refer to the Certificate of Analysis)

Solubility: DMSO: 75 mg/mL (185 mM)

Shipping Condition: Shipped under ambient temperature as non-hazardous chemical or refer to Certificate of Analysis

Storage Condition: Dry, dark and -20 oC for 1 year or refer to the Certificate of Analysis.

Shelf Life: ≥12 months if stored properly.

Stock Solution Storage: 0 - 4 oC for 1 month or refer to the Certificate of Analysis.

Drug Formulation: To be determined

HS Tariff Code: 382200

How to use

In Vitro:

After PPZ treatment, apoptotic cell death is seen selectively in cancer cells and is accompanied with extracellular signal-regulated kinase deactivation. By contrast, normal gastric mucosal cells show the resistance to PPZ-induced apoptosis through the overexpression of antiapoptotic regulators including HSP70 and HSP27. In a xenograft model of nude mice, administration of PPZ significantly inhibits tumorigenesis and induces large-scale apoptosis of tumor cells.

In Vivo:

Pantoprazole sodium salts are resuspended in normal saline (0.85%) at 5 mg/ml immediately prior to use. When the SGC-7901 cells have reached 60–70% confluence, PPZ is added at a final concentration of 20 µg/ml, and the cells are cultured for additional experiments. For example, The SGC-7901 cells are seeded in 100 µl of medium per well, at a density of 1×104/well, in 96-well plates and treated with PPZ for 24 h.


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