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SF-1670 is a specific phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted on chromosome 10 (PTEN) inhibitor. SF-1670 specifically binds to the active site of PTEN inhibiting its activity with an IC50 value of 2 μM. The innate immune responses can be enhanced and the severity of neutropenia-related infection can be alleviated by augmenting phosphatidylinositol (3, 4, 5)-trisphosphate in transfused neutrophils with PTEN inhibitor SF-1670, providing a therapeutic strategy for improving the efficacy of granulocyte transfusion.

Product information

CAS Number: 345630-40-2

Molecular Weight: 307.34

Formula: C19H17NO3




SF 1670

Chemical Name: N-(9,10-dihydro-9,10-dioxo-2-phenanthrenyl)-2,2-dimethyl-propanamide

Smiles: CC(C)(C)C(=O)NC1=CC2=C(C=C1)C1=CC=CC=C1C(=O)C2=O


InChi: InChI=1S/C19H17NO3/c1-19(2,3)18(23)20-11-8-9-13-12-6-4-5-7-14(12)16(21)17(22)15(13)10-11/h4-10H,1-3H3,(H,20,23)

Technical Data

Appearance: Solid Power

Purity: ≥98% (or refer to the Certificate of Analysis)

Solubility: Soluble in DMSO

Shipping Condition: Shipped under ambient temperature as non-hazardous chemical or refer to Certificate of Analysis

Storage Condition: Dry, dark and -20 oC for 1 year or refer to the Certificate of Analysis.

Shelf Life: ≥12 months if stored properly.

Stock Solution Storage: 0 - 4 oC for 1 month...

Drug Formulation: To be determined

HS Tariff Code: 382200

How to use

In Vitro:

SF-1670 is a specific PTEN inhibitor with prolonged intracellular retention in neutrophils. SF-1670 enhances PtdIns(3, 4, 5)P3 signaling in transplanted neutrophils. SF-1670 also elevates Akt phosphorylation in murine cells. Consistent with the enhanced Akt phosphorylation, pretreatment with SF-1670 also significantly augments PtdIns(3, 4, 5)P3 level in mouse neutrophils. SF-1670-induced Akt hyperactivation is abolished in PTEN-null neutrophils, further demonstrating that this effect is mediated by specific inhibition of PTEN activity. At 500 nM fMLP stimulation, SF-1670 (500 nM)–pretreated neutrophils show nearly 70% higher (maximal) superoxide production than untreated neutrophils. HCT116 cells are pre-treated with the PTEN inhibitor SF-1670 (2 μM) for 24 h (untreated HCT116 cells served as control); treated cells are subsequently plated under non-adherent conditions with added MET (60 μM), Lun (2 μM), or Gen (2 μM). SF-1670 binds to the PTEN active site, resulting in elevated phosphatidylinositol (3, 4, 5) triphosphate signaling.

In Vivo:

SF-1670 (3 mg/kg; i.p.) triggers postconditioning after inducing cerebral global ischaemia (17 min) and reperfusion (24 h)‐induced injury via occlusion of both carotid arteries in mice.


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